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Gigs 2022

19 February
Witney (The HUMM)

25 March
Isham (The HUMM)

3 May
Northampton (Simon & Andrew Loake)

14 May
Kettering (Kettering Symphony Orchestra

21 May
St Albans (The HUMM)

4 June
Little Oakley (All Strung Out)

18 June
Pytchley (Kettering Symphony Orchestra)

24 June
Hatfield (The HUMM)

9 July 
Wappenham (The Banana band)

10 June
Rugby (StringFest)

3 September
Watford (The HUMM)

5 October 
Banbury Folk Club (Solo)

18 October 
Great Knight Folk Club, Northampton (Solo)

29 October 
Witney (The HUMM) 

12 November 
St Albans (The HUMM)

26 November 
Kettering (Kettering Symphony Orchestra)

9 December 
Higham Ferrers (The HUMM)

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