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The Banana Band


weddings and parties, clubs and festivals, etc.



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andrew loake

mike kilsby

jonathan loake

A typical “Bananas” gig mixes musical styles in a way that no other band does.  In addition to the staple diet of furious Irish and Scottish fiddle tunes, you’ll be dancing Hornpipes to Reggae and Polkas to Rock’n’Roll and 1930s style Swing.  There’s really nothing else like it.


We work with some of the best Dance Callers in the area, whom we choose carefully according to the type of function – and we are equally happy playing at Ceilidh Clubs for the most experienced dancers, or at School PTAs and in Village Halls where people may be trying it for the first time and enjoying high quality LIVE music.

These sound clips are not professionally produced - they were recorded from the front of the stage, at various gigs over the last few years - but they give a reasonable idea of what we do.

Smash The Windows Medley

Mozart & Nellie

Circle Hornpipe

Bluebell Polka

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