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"Archipelago", "Another Time" and "A New Day" are available from i-tunes, Spotify, Amazon and most other online shops.  If you would like a 'hard copy', please send me a message, either through the contact button on this website or at

A New Day Front Cover.jpeg

a new day (2022)

andrew loake

  • a new day

  • cowrie shells

  • temple street

  • pufflings

  • red kites 

  • the slice

  • the constant tide 

  • Nashville coda 

  • a new day (reprise)

A NEW DAY - clip
RED KITES - clip

another time (2014)

andrew loake

  • leaving

  • better late than never

  • the siege

  • wanchai

  • stepping

  • close to the wind

  • albert's revenge

  • the hinderer hornpipe and the grey horse

  • december  


Available in online shop

archipelago (2011)

andrew loake

  • archipelago

  • amy’s tune

  • ned steele

  • the last piece of england

  • rat island

  • little arthur

  • the bonnet

  • reprise 


Available in online shop

the banana band in concert (1985)

the banana band

only released on cassette 

no longer available







the rogues march (1980)

simon & andrew loake

only released on vinyl 

no longer available







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Close To The Wind

Albert's Revenge


Amy's Tune

The Bonnet

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